Ancillary services (C2)

Increased access for users for ancillary services and increased competition on the market

Grid Code C2 defines the services, spinning reserves and regulating power options which Landsnet is required to purchase to ensure the security of the transmission system. The Code also describes the parties able to supply these services. In the current grid code (Version 1.0), only producers can provide these services.

The goal of the review of the grid code is to ensure increased access for customers to ancillary services and to increase competition in the market. The business environment and technology are both evolving and there is increased interest in these services. Changes to the grid code should ensure that power intensive users could, under certain conditions, offer ancillary services.

The first draft of the second edition of the Grid Code, based on the aforementioned objectives, is ready and the customer review process has been completed. The review process took 6 weeks and we are now in the process of responding to the feedback we received. We will respond to all customer comments.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at

Time schedule

The set of goal and purpose of a draft of version 2.0 of the grid code was done in 2017

Customer review started January 12th 2018 and ended February 27th of 2018.

Customer comments was answered in 2018-2019

Grid code regarding Ancillary services version 2.0 was sent to a approval July 10th 2019

Publication was in 2019.


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