Landsnet tariff structure (B1)

Landsnet´s current tariff structure has remained unchanged from the establishment of the company in 2005. The environment is changing rapidly and certain drivers, domestic and abroad, influence the decision of the current review of the tariff. These include international drivers such as European legislation, domestic drivers such as movement within the energy market, energy policy, changes in the business environment and customer characteristics. The goal is to work closely with participants within the energy market and to conduct a needs analysis.

We asked Pöyry, an international consulting and engineering company to assist us by gathering data on the challenges and opportunities that our customers see in the current tariff structure (phase 1). The results and summary (after consultation with the stakeholders) are now available.

We will continue the work with the results from phase 1 in phase 2 where proposal for change will be listed  and prioritised. We will always work closely with stakeholders.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at

Time schedule

Phase 1: Conversation with stakholders about challenges and opportunities in current tariff structure [2017-2018]

Phase 2: Proposals for changes and the prioritisation of projects [2019-2020]

Project planning and implementation [2020 - unverified]


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