Regarding new connection to the grid and changes to current connections/arrangement

We have made analysis on available capacity to users in our estimation in the development of the transmission grid called Kerfisáætlun, however it is only available in Icelandic.

This application form contains the information Landnet needs to be able to start a preliminary analysis on whether a connection fulfills the main requirements of the transmission grid and to be able to start a preliminary examination on a connection possibility.

This application form is only applicable for power stations, Distribution system operators and Power intensive users which fulfill the requirements of the Electricity Act no. 65/2003.

Please give the status and plans regarding factors listed in the form below. We do not require copies for example of contracts, reports or other related working documents. We only wish for information regarding the status of the project and future plans with reference to ,for example, official information where applicable. Please inform us if some of the sections do not apply to you. 

Landset may wish for further information´s if needed and the applicant shall provide the information while the application is in process. 

The result of these analysis are with out any commitment on behalf of Landsnet. They are not an actual offer or an approval of connection. The result are a rough estimation on the possibility of connection. The result can vary with for example new information and more accurate analysis, which are not made in this stage of the application process.

We are bound by complete confidence regarding our customers and other information which understandably should be confident.

General information regarding applicant
General information regarding connection
General information regarding demands and plan of applicant
Information regarding the status of the project

By submitting the application on preliminary inquire regarding connection you have confirmed that the information provided are correct as well as have reviewed Landsnets grid codes. We aim to return the results within two months after all related documents have been gathered.

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