We want to build a clear image related to professionalism and trust. We attach great importance to social responsibility.

Landsnet strives to be a modern and progressive company that explores different solutions with an open mind and with the overall interests of society as a guiding principle.

Landsnet's policy is based on the Company's vision and future vision and is intended to help it fulfil its role and to create a broad consensus with society and the environment.

The construction of power lines has a variety of effects, beyond the obvious advantages of providing a lifeline to the community, transferring energy from producers to users and keeping businesses and households running.

There has been considerable recent debate about the possibility of laying underground electricity transmission cables, instead of overhead lines, to reduce the visual impact of high voltage power lines.

Transmission structures, connected to the electricity system have opened up numerous possibilities for tourists to explore the Icelandic highlands in recent years.  Landsnet has also been involved in preventing erosion in areas depleted of topsoil by wind erosion in cooperation with the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland, as well as archaeological research in the highlands, carried out in connection with the development of the electricity system.

Other projects that the community has benefited from, in connection with Landsnet’s operations, include improved communications across the highlands.