Are you a new  member of the electricity market, there are many things to consider and here are some information that could help you.

  • What must be considered when connecting to the transmission system
  • You must be one of those who can connect

Connections to the transmission system must meet technical requirements set out in Landsnet´s grid codes. Grid codes are terms and conditions set by Landsnet to fulfill provisions of the Electricity Act regarding, transmission capacity, security of supply and quality of the transmission system. The grid codes also ensure equal treatment  among our customers and define the rights and responsibilities of Landsnet and customers.

Enquiry about connection to the grid requires application.

Landsnet can not guarantee accurate time it takes to connect new customer. There are lot of things that can affect and each task is considered separately. The status of a new project impacts and also the arrangements Landsnet need to take.

Who can connect to the transmission system

Landsnet customers are distribution companies, generators, power intensive users and electricity traders.

Power intensive users who use minimum of 80 GWh a year can connect to the transmission system and start a business relationship. Smaller users connect to relevant distributor.

Generators that are above 10 MW must connect directly to the transmission system but generators that are below 10 MW have option of connecting to relevant distributor.

All distribution systems are requried to connect to the transmission system.

Application process

Contact us regarding your enquiry. You can send us an email at

We will start discussions and send you pre-application form to fill out to ensure we receive necessary information about your project to evaluate and give indication of the ability to connect and to understand any constraints for the proposed project. The following results will be without any commitment on behalf of Landsnet at this stage.

When the project is valued feasible for both parties, technically and financially formal negotiations will start. Contracts have been simplified where provisions are moved to Landsnet´s grid codes. That is done to ensure transparency and non-discrimination among our customers.

Landsnet will not take any financial obligations until all reservations in the transmission agreement have been lifted. Further preparation and construction will then take place.

Requirements/Grid Codes

Landsnet´s grid codes reveal Landsnet´s requirements to connect, parties obligations and responsibilities in terms of maintenance and operation. Therefore it is imporant to be informed fo the terms and conditions.

Available transmission capacity


                                                        Available transmission capacity in the transmission system.

Picture 1: Available transmission capacity in the main grid. Set up as there is infinite power supply. The substations shown are limited to the main grid, N-0 security of supply and current status of the transmission system. Available transmission capacity in the regional grid is not shown but are limited to Selfoss 50 MW, Þorlákshöfn 30 MW and Hveragerði 30 MW. Published 7.3.2018.

NOTE! The situation in the above picture can change quickly as the market today is quite dynamic. It is always important to contact us and get confirmation for the availability at any given time. The power capacity is not secured without commitment for both parties.

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