We work for you

We provide an essential service. We are dedicated to our customers and to working in tune with society. We are committed to ensuring the secure supply of electricity.


An emphasis on risk management

We are focused on risk management, continuous improvement, new process thinking and seamless operations.


Step 1

Connection options

The customer makes contact with Landsnet and the project and relevant processes are assessed. A preliminary, non-binding assessment is carried out on connection options.


Step 2

Contract negotiation

The formal negotiation process begins with the agreement of both parties. Due diligence is carried out on the company applying for the connection and a guarantee is necessary for any investments. Both parties outline any demands during the negotiation process. Construction can only begin once finance arrangements and the appropriate permits have been confirmed.

Step 3

Construction and operations

The construction phase and any financial obligations pertaining to the project can be initiated once the requirements of Step 2 have been fulfilled. The preparation, purchasing and operational phases can now begin.


A trustworthy and professional business relationship

We believe in maintaining a strong business relationship with our customers, built on mutual trust and customer needs.

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